How often do you practice? 

We schedule two practices per week.  Occasionally coaches may schedule a weekend practice in addition.  


Where and when are practices?  
All p
ractices will be held in the Glencoe High School area in Hillsboro


How many tournaments are included? 
See each teams page for more specific detail, including monthly power leagues, local friendship tournaments, and National qualifiers (out of state travel).


What uniforms are included in Club Dues?  
 will receive 2 Nike jerseys and 1 pair of Nike spandex. 14U and 16U local teams will receive a club hooded sweatshirt.  16-1 and 18-1 traveling teams will receive a Nike team jacket and pants.


When will we know if our athlete made the team?
Our goal, at the end of tryouts, is to have come up with team placements and let your player know if they are offered a position on a team or if they will be placed on a waiting list.

What's the difference between a Friendship Tournament and a Power League?  
Friendship- A fun tournament designed to get ALL girls playing. It is not for ranking and is a time for every girl to be getting playing time.
Power League- These tournaments are once a month and rankings are directly related to how well we do in this tournaments. We play to win so that we can go up to the higher levels. Girls are not guaranteed playing time.


Do you do any fundraising?  
Warm up shirt fundraiser


My athlete plays another sport.  Can they do both? 
Yes they can. Wave encourages multi-sport athletes. We believe that it is only beneficial if your daughter plays more than 1 sport, not only athletically, but physically it has been show to prevent injuries as they work different muscles with different sports. Colleges also look at multi-sport athletes more often than single sport athletes. Below is a chart on excused/unexcused practices. 

Excused vs unexcused missed practices/tournaments:

Another Sport-Prearranged with Coach
Another Sport- spur of the moment
Sick- vomit, diarrhea, fever
Sick- tired, cold
Too much homework
Didn’t feel like coming



***If you are sick with a cold and can’t play, you still need to come to practice. This shows the other girls that you are committed and allows you to still be a part of team. It also provides you an opportunity to be learning and not missing anything that they may be going over at practice. For example, defense, serve receive positioning, blocking, etc.*** 


When is the season over?
Season runs from late November/early December thru May. First tournaments are in late December early January.

What is your policy for inclement weather?
We follow the  Hillsboro School district, if school is cancelled, practice is cancelled.